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Kids Ballroom Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 - Come Dance With Us!

It is best to start learning dance when you're young! Dancers at younger ages tend to develop technique and performance skills infinitely faster than adults. DF Dance Studio loves to support a new generation of artists helping them become a part of the ballroom community, and changing their lives for the better.

Not only will your children no longer be stuck at home all day, but they'll be passionately involved in a creative process and make new friends with the same interests, all while learning essential life skills such as discipline, confidence or team building. Our ballroom classes will also keep their growing bodies fit and healthy.

Competitive Ballroom Team

Ages 10+ have the option of experiencing the thrill of competing! These classes are for dancers who want a more focused and diciplined approach to dancing. Check out Ballroom Team (Ages 10 +) for details about our Competitive Program or txt "KIDS" to 801.466.0490

Youth Ballroom

Interested in Kids Ballroom Team

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