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Country Dance Classes

If you are looking for something fun and easy going, then Country Western and Country Swing are the dances for you. This style is easy to start and learn, and with a lot of places around Salt Lake City to Country Western dance, you’ll never run out of places to dance. If you want to meet people and have some fun, then put on your boots if you have them and join us!

Start dates for the next Country Western group classes below!
Private dance lessons for students wanting to get good fast!

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Full Class Schedule

Country Beginner Dance Class Schedule

  •   Anyone join in. No partner required. Start 1 st class of the course. Make up for missed classes by coming to "join anytime" classes on Wed @8pm or Fri @8pm.
  •   To move on to Level 2 please take 2 complete beginner 2 month course or receive instructor approval
  •   Cost: $100/2 month beginner course or $120/12 class pass/person/one or multiple styles or $15/drop in

Country Beyond the Basics Class Schedule

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