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Salsa classes and dance lessons utah

Salsa Classes

With the popularity and the abundance of salsa socials and clubs to dance at, learning salsa is a great decision to make. Our studio, and the top Salsa Dance professionals who dance here, offer group and private lessons to fit with any skill level. And those really looking to improve can join our performance-focused Salsa Dance Team!

No partner is required. Beginner courses are 12 to 16 wks - enroll in 1st or 2nd wk, and check schedule below. Students are required to get instructors approval for Beginner Level 2 and Intermediate Levels.

Salsa Accelerated starts Tuesday July 11 - Join by July 18
16wk session - Every Tues at 8pm
By the end of 16 wks, you'll have a 6 MONTHS of Salsa training under your belt - that's 6 months of Salsa material in 4 months!
No partner or experience required to join this course.
We recommend this course for people who want to learn quickly.
$10/class for 16 wks = $160 - includes FREE extra lessons on Wednesdays at 8pm for all 16 wks!

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Progressive Beginner Courses

Salsa Videos

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