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argentine tango dance lessons utah

Argentine Tango Classes

Explore the culture and history that is Argentine Tango. This exclusively social dance gives you the chance to reinvent yourself and join a growing community with lots of dance opportunities in the Salt Lake City area. Build connections with those around you and lose yourself in the fun, we hope to see you there.

All Argentine Tango courses are held on Tuesdays. Beginner classes start every 12 or 13 wks - enroll in 1st or 2nd wk of the course. Students are required to get instructors approval for Level 2.

Next Beginner Course starts on August 1st
12wk session - Every Tues at 6pm - Please join in first or second week of class.
Class length - 50 minutes, once per week

Watch Argentine Tango

Progressive Beginner Courses

Argentine Tango Videos

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